Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) was established in 1972 was the upgrading of the Institut Teknologi Kebangsaan (ITK) which declared on the 14th March 1972. After the establishment of the UTM, Pusat Pengajian Kemanusiaan ( PPK) / School of Humanities (SOH) was founded in 1973 in line with the goal of UTM to produce an efficient and responsible to the Creator and the community.


School of Humanities is responsible for offering the university general education subjects. Islamic Education Department is one of the departments in PPK. It offers subject of Islamic Education which it is compulsory for all Muslim students at UTM. In 1992, the Department of Islamic Education is given the responsibility of controlling the philosophy of science subject for all Muslim and non Muslim students.


On 27th May 1990, the Community Service Unit (UPK) was established to enhance Islamic activities in the UTM. This unit is responsible for creating a community atmosphere that is based on Islam and also coordinate Islamic activities at the department, faculty and sections level. With an expanding role, the name of Islamic Education Department has been changed to the Department of Islamic Studies at the Faculty Management and Human Resource Development on 20th October 1993.


In order to maximize the use of mosques as a place of institutional religious program, intellectual and social, Social Service Unit and Department of Islamic Studies was incorporated in early 1995. On 1st February 1996, Islamic Studies and Social Development Centre (PPIPS) have declared its inception by the university. However start from 1st April 2002 there was separation between administration of PPIPS and Masjid Sultan Ismail (MSI). PPIPS now only focusing to academic affairs.


On 21 May 2009. Faculty of Islamic Civilization was established. Thereafter, on 21 July 2010 approval of Master of (Halal Science) and PhD (Fiqh of Science and Technology) programme.