Jadual Waktu UICW 6023 Sem II Sesi 2016 2017


Class Schedule Semester 2 Session 20162017 Philosophy of Science and Civilization (UICW6023)

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Jadual Akademik 201620172 – Falsafah Sains dan Ketamadunan (UICW6023)

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Halal Course



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The program we offer for Ph.D students;

  1. Fiqh Science & Technology
  2. Generic


We at Faculty of Islamic Civilization, are very honored to offer the following program :

  1. Master of Philosophy (Halal Science)
  2. Master of Philosophy
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (Fiqh Science & Technology)
  4. Doctor of Philosophy


Halal Science and Fiqh Science & Technology

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Generic Program

(Ref) FA_Program Generic_Outer (Ref) FA_Program Generic_Inner

Current Students

Prospectives Student

Prospective Student


Post Graduate Workspace


Laporan Tahunan 2016


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