Beware of this world, for it is sweet and tempting. … [Continue reading]


If your mind rests with Allah, nothing can harm you in this world. … [Continue reading]


To be ashamed (of sins) is repentance. … [Continue reading]


Pray to Allah to keep you safe and sound. … [Continue reading]

deen priority

When looking for a husband or wife, make their Deen the priority. And not their Race, Culture, Degree or Job. … [Continue reading]

love Allah

The best way to love Allah is to serve Allah. … [Continue reading]

joy and sorrow

Joy and sorrow are the light and shade of life, without light and shade no picture is clear. … [Continue reading]


Sins- reflect and repent not repeat and regret. … [Continue reading]


All praise to Allah (SWT), Who revived us to life after givening us death, and to him we shall have to return. … [Continue reading]


Put Imaan between you and your problem and let Imaan deal with your problem; when Imaan deals with it ... No problem is a Problem … [Continue reading]