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The First International Conference on Current Trend in The Middle East

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Introduction to philosophy and Its Main Branches

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Science, Technology, and Mankind; Course Description

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Decisive Crackdown and Concluding Remarks

Springer Link Abstract The events discussed below refer to an intensely dynamic Iranian society, especially with regard to political movements. The political status of contemporary Iran has been uniquely fragile, influenced by politicians, the … [Continue reading]

Diverse Strategies Solidify Amid Anti-Mosaddeq Sentiment

Springer Link Abstract The British learned from the uprising of 21 July 1952 (30 Tir 1331) that they needed greater control over Iran’s army and an intensification of divergence and antagonism among Dr. Mosaddeq’s supporters, which would work in … [Continue reading]

British Interference in Iranian Internal Politics

Springer Link Abstract British interference in Iranian internal politics ushered an atmosphere of chaos into the country, especially when the British utilised the opportunity to elevate their favoured candidate for PM, Qavām. However, his … [Continue reading]

British Interest in Iran’s Oil: Prelude to Conflict

Springer Link Abstract Historical studies on the twentieth century indicate that Britain, as a significant world power, did much to rewrite history in the Middle East, especially Iran. Many authors have called attention to Iran’s geopolitical … [Continue reading]

British Retaliation After the Nationalisation of Iran’s Oil

Springer Link Abstract The efforts of the Majlis to nationalise the oil industry strained Iran’s relations with Britain and led to a catastrophe as the latter took extraordinary measures to maintain status quo and to secure their enormous Iranian … [Continue reading]

The British Role in Iranian Domestic Politics (1951-1953)

Springer Website Based on British and Iranian sources, this book investigates the background and goals of the coup in Iran, examining how British foreign and domestic agents interfered with Iran’s internal affairs between the nationalization of … [Continue reading]