Perjanjian Kerjasama antara FTI dan KIM Singapore



SINGAPURA, 7 Julai – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) telah menjalinkan kerjasama dengan Kolej Islam Muhammadiyah Singapura (KIM), yang mana Fakulti Tamadun Islam akan menawarkan Program Sarjana Falsafah di KIM.


Kerjasama tersebut adalah bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kerjasama akademik antara FTI dan KIM dalam bentuk pengajaran & pembelajaran serta penyelidikan. Kerjasama program peringkat Sarjana yang telah disepakati bersama antara FTI dan KIM adalah dalam bentuk Program Sarjana serta penyeliaan penyelidikan. Program tersebut bakal dilaksanakan sepenuhnya di KIM Singapura kecuali pendaftaran, beberapa sesi penyeliaan, proses viva, dan konvokesyen yang akan diadakan di UTM.


Kerjasama ini secara langsung akan melonjakan ijazah UTM sebagai ijazah yang mempunyai permintaan tinggi dari kalangan calon-calon dinegara rantau dan dijangka akan dapat menaikkan imej UTM di peringkat antarabangsa.. Ia juga menggambarkan kerjasama yang mantap di antara UTM dengan universiti-universiti/institusi pengajian tinggi lain di dunia selaras dengan usaha untuk menjadikan UTM sebagai universiti terkemuka di dunia. Program seperti ini juga merupakan suatu langkah pengantarabangsaan UTM dalam rangka meningkatkan ranking UTM.


Pihak Fakulti Tamadun Islam telah mengadakan lawatan pemasaran ke Singapura pada Julai 2012. Pada awal Jun 2014, pihak KIM Singapura menghubungi FTI untuk mengadakan perbincangan tentang hubungan kerjasama antara KIM dengan FTI. Hasil perbincangan tersebut,  KIM dan FTI telah menyediakan draf kerjasama tersebut.


Rentetan dari itu, satu Perjanjian Kerjasama Program Pascasiswazah Antara UTM Dan KIM Singapura akan dimetrai antara UTM dan KIM pada hari Selasa, 7 Julai 2015 di Singapura.


Adalah diharapkan agar kerjasama dan program yang dilaksanakan secara kerjasama diantara UTM dan KIM akan dapat dijadikan sebagai suatu batu loncatan untuk kita merangka program-program Universiti yang lain dari segala bidang yang sedia ada yang dapat kita tawarkan ke calon pelajar Singapura pada masa hadapan.


Perjanjian ini ditandatangani oleh Timbalan Naib Canselor (Akademik & Antarabangsa) UTM, Y.Bhg. Prof Dr. Rose Alinda binti Alias sebagai wakil UTM dan Prof. Madya Dr. Hussin bin Mutalib, (Pengerusi KIM ) sebagai wakil KIM.


Call for Papers: Journal UMRAN

International Journal of Islamic and Civilizational Studies is a refereed journal published by UTM Press and managed by Faculty of Islamic Civilization, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.The articles in the journal are related to Islamic and Civilizational Studies that cover broad area of studies and multidisciplinary knowledge. It focuses on the following areas:

  • History
  • Culture and Civilization
  • Philosophy and Islamic Thought
  • Sufism and Theology
  • Politics and Political Economy
  • Economics and Finance
  • Management
  • Law and Jurisprudence
  • Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Halal Science

This journal publishes three issues per year.

The manuscripts for consideration to be published in the journal can be written in Malay and English based on research findings and others intellectual discourses, or book reviews.The view expressed in the articles does not necessarily represent the view of the editors. The priority is given to the articles which has merit to the scope of the journal and contribute to the development and advancement of civilized society.The manuscripts submitted for consideration to be published in the journal should be original, and must not have been previously published or under consideration for other publications.It is the board of editor’s aim to bring this journal to be a resourceful platform for the dissemination of knowledge and the advancement of the community at large.Please log on to our website at for further details.

UTM Postgraduate Info Day

poster INFO DAY 2014_220414

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Jadual Akademik 2013_2014



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Akademik 2013_2014 (Click to download)

Faculty Move Into New Building

Faculty of Islamic Civilization (FIC) has moved to a new building in stages started from March 10, 2013 which involved almost the entire staff of the FIC. The distribution of lecturers’s room key have also been made and monitored by Mr. Hj. Khasly bin Ariffin. On 22 to 26 April 2013, all lecturers and administrative staff have moved into the new

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building. The faculty hope that the transferring process of FIC to a new building will be going well and the cooperation given by FIC’s staff is preceded with a thank you. FIC new building is also equipped with lecture rooms, computer labs, resource rooms, and audio room. FIC new office will be operational on April 29, 2013.

Congratulation on Completing PhD

CONGRATULATION to the academic staff of kamagra oral jelly from china Faculty of Islamic Civilization, UTM Johor Bahru who have successfully completed their PhD’s! Untitled

Name : Dr. Nurazmallail

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bin Marni

Date of Completion : December 13, 2012


Name: Dr. Idris bin Ismail

Date of chances of side effects with propecia Completion : December clomid iui timeline 21, 2012

International Seminar on Teaching and Islamic Education SEAPPI 2012

This international conference gathers scholars in this region is a collaboration between the Faculty of Islamic Civilization, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia FTIUTM, Faculty of Education, Kolej Universiti Perguruan Ugama Seri Begawan, Brunei (KUPUSB) dan Bahagian Pendidikan, Jabatan Agama Johor. International Seminar on Islamic EducationTeaching or SEAPPI 2012 will be held at Hotel Sofitel, Senai,

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Johor Bahru.

The theme of the seminar agreed upon “Realistic Teaching and Learning in Islamic Education: Exploration Of the Content And Method”. In addition, several sub-themes have been selected in connection with curriculum model and teaching methods of Islamic education, current issues in realistic teaching and learning of Islamic Education, including innovation and application of technology, comparative methods of teaching and learning in Islamic Education (traditional and modern), the role and involvement of women in Islamic education and teacher’s training in higher educational institutions.